furball2k (furball2k) wrote in furrlynormal,

What's Up

Real name: There are some who call me Tim... though that would be silly since my name is Bill
Furry species: Wolf / Husky Hybrid (K-9 Party Animal)

Favorite thing to shop for: Kayaks, Scuba Gear, or any Fun Outdoor Stuff
Favorite drink: Beer
Favorite drinking game: I just consider Furry Cons to be nothing but one Long Drinking Game
Favorite scent: WD-40 and Simple Green
Loves: Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Backpacking, and Being Independent!
Other Non-Furry Things You Man Not Know: I am a NAUI scuba instructor
Number of times he's been told he doesn't look like a furry: Every Con ^_^
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