Silas (spazzuhftw) wrote in furrlynormal,

I keep forgetting to post here so I'm done procrastinating and I'm gonna DO IT

name:  Spazzeh, or just plain Spaz will do
real name: Megan
furry species: Lioness!

favorite thing to shop for: because I'm a nerd, video games and books :|
favorite starbucks drink: those really nifty bottled fraps. mm mm.
favorite alcoholic drink: I'm illegal okay. I can't drink. D:
favorite scent: Watermelon
favorite band: A Heartwell Ending, Sixx AM, Hedley, PlayRadioPlay!, Queen, Mae, Mutemath, aaand moar I can't think of oO
favorite tv show: Friends, The Office, House, Survivor, the Soup
loves: ur mom <3
Favorite place on earth: Anything but home. I hate sitting here and doing nothing.
Number of times I've been told I don't look like a furry: none. that's either... bad or good?


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