Now the hungry lion roars (beetlecat) wrote in furrlynormal,
Now the hungry lion roars

I'm with Elitist

name: Beetle

real name: Deanna

furry species: feline

favorite food: Anything I do not have to cook myself. Also Umami

favorite drink: Black tea. Earl Grey. Green tea. White tea. Red tea even. All day long. But herbal tea is on the permanent naughty list for tasting like weak, stale berries stolen last winter from diseased squirrels.

favorite starbucks drink: Strong Cappuccino with whipped cream. White chocolate if I’m in a sweet mood.

favorite alcoholic drink: Rum. As dark and black as you can possibly make it. Jager is good as is anything that’s dark and deep and tastes like black licorice. Vodka is shit unless in a long island iced tea mix :D Damn I love that stuff! Also, anything with pineapple juice in it.

favorite tv show: House. But I usually watch whatever's on (aka turn it on and mostly ignore it). Discovery channel is good. If I really wanna see something I download it.

favorite music: very eclectic. Either has to have a good beat or has to be something I can sing to.

loves: Not much. Enjoys everything in moderation but rarely anything in a heavy dose. Hence why I’m single and why furry pisses me off if I fall in and forget to leave it for a while. I’d die without my non-fur friends.

Pet Peeve: Mate when not used in the sense of a drink or a good friend. Stick with wife, boyfriend, chick I met at the bus stop, whatever. Also furiend. And furr. And using the word fur in any word to make it furry. You’re not 12. Stop it.

Piercings: earlobes (stretched to 10g with captive bead rings) and one upper ear (14 or 16g hoop). Want to get another set in my earlobes. I’d love to get my upper ear punched to a larger gauge (it was gunned originally) but can’t stomach the thought of healing it all over again.

tattoos: one on upper right arm. Batman symbol with the letters WWBD inside. I plan to get the edges sharpened up and the letters filled in with white. I plan to get several more tattoos on my arms and back.

I'm the raccoon-eyed one on the right. Yes.. I'm holding a lion head.. I'm sorry, It was halloween. But the fact I took it off to converse with regular people (yes, the other two are very much non-furs. take notice the Dr Horrible costumes. Not the 'dr horrible if he were a fur' costumes) means I was ruining the furry magic. Which should therefore just entitle myself to automatic membership ;D
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