furball2k (furball2k) wrote in furrlynormal,

What's Up

Real name: There are some who call me Tim... though that would be silly since my name is Bill
Furry species: Wolf / Husky Hybrid (K-9 Party Animal)

Favorite thing to shop for: Kayaks, Scuba Gear, or any Fun Outdoor Stuff
Favorite drink: Beer
Favorite drinking game: I just consider Furry Cons to be nothing but one Long Drinking Game
Favorite scent: WD-40 and Simple Green
Loves: Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Backpacking, and Being Independent!
Other Non-Furry Things You Man Not Know: I am a NAUI scuba instructor
Number of times he's been told he doesn't look like a furry: Every Con ^_^
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Number of times she's been told she doesn't look like a furry
LoL Thanks ;-) fixed It.
Yay Furball :)! Glad to see you joined! you definitely fit in here lol, party animal!
So where was that picture taken? I can't quite recognize the landfall in the background there....Looks like San Clemente island!
San Carlos Mexico My Friend.
Pic taken during one of the many cert trips I've been on ^_^
Aha...lots of rather desolate terrain in the backdrop. Makes sense! Must have been nice diving, too.
get out
No it's true people actually PAY me to trust them with their lives