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[Initiating Startup]

Well, Why Not? :3

Name: Sol

Real name: Sam - though since I've been an online geek for so long most of my friends just call me by the above Sol, since it's been my handle for, god, years. xD (Yes, Sam = Samantha)

Occupation: Currently fast food flunky at Sonic, getting a certification in Web Design.

Furry Species: Mexican Grey Wolf. I figure since I'm Irish/Mexican it was fitting in a small sense.

Where are you from? Born in San Antonio (TX) but I'm a military brat so I've moved more times than I can count. Currently in Edmond, OK.

Favorite starbucks drink: I don't really do Starbucks.

Favorite alcoholic drink: Not much of a drinker but Smirnoff Ices are rad.

Favorite scent: Bone Daddy. Yes it's NBC merchandise but I love it.

Favorite TV show: Buffy - I'm a geek! - and most stuff on Adult Swim. I don't really do TV.

Loves: My fiance Skiota, drawing, working on original fiction, movies, some video games, listening to almost all music, thinking. I think way more than should be physically possible.

Pet peeves: People who are just completely full of themselves or oblivious to how obnoxious they are.

Favorite place on earth: Tampa,Florida.

Number of times I've been told I don't look like a furry: Never, because my 'furry' life, if you wanna call it that, isn't a part of my day-to-day life. The only place they mingle is when I'm with my fiance because she's in the community too. Yes my close friends know I draw furry, but they don't think there's such a thing as a 'typical' furry and just see it as something I'm good at drawing.

What the hell do you look like in real life?

Below, the one on the right is my fiance Skiota. <3 (For those who must know, her 'fursona' is a beagle. <3 )

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