Perro the Mutt (perro) wrote in furrlynormal,
Perro the Mutt


Name: Perro
Real name: Toby
Furry Species: Mongrel dog mutt thing
Favorite thing to shop for: Raping Nordstrom's Rack for hot shit for less monies
Favorite starbucks drink: Mocha
Favorite alcoholic drink: Microbrews (darker the better), Grandma, G&Ts and anything with tequila
Favorite scent: Faconnable Homme
Favorite band: Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, NERD, Foo Fighters, Ice Cube, Linkin Park, Weezer
Favorite TV show: Adult Swim (collective), Nip/Tuck, most police dramas
Loves:  My baby's daddy, the outdoors (cycling, scuba diving, skiing, camping), making fursuits, drinking ad naseum, socializing, traveling, blue steak, Wolf Park, being uncomfortably sarcastic
Pet peeves: Close mindedness, attitudes, the GOP, furs that base their self worth on shit they could purchase on Furbid
Favorite place on earth: 20 miles into a bike ride in the woods; your mom.
Number of times I've been told I don't look like a furry: Quite a few, unless I'm in my murrsuit and then I look pretty fucking furry.
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