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Heyo! ^^

Heyo, Sup everyone :D Snickers da Husky is here and thought I would introduce myself :)
I am a 19yrs old preppy classy husky and represting the south side of Chitown. ^^


Name: Snickers

Real name:Mike

Occupation:  I am a college student and an Engineer for the Government
Furry Species: Husky! :D <3

Where are you from? Was born in the Chicago west suburbs than moved to more of the country south side right out of the suburbs.

Favorite Starbucks drink: Frappachino Vanilla
Favorite alcoholic drink: Goldschläger

Favorite scent: Any nice expensive cologne.

Pet peeves: Retarded/ Stupid people, bad grammar, people who smell, have no class, boring, immature.

Favorite place on earth: Caribbean

Number of times I've been told I don't look like a furry, EVERY DAMN CON AND MEET! XD

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