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Mainstream and Trendy Furs
This group is for all the furs out there who are mainstream, cool, and normal.

We don't have anything against the stereotypical fur out there but, lets be honest, it's cool to be different, so why not be different than most other furs?!?!

I mean, just because we're into cute furry crap doesn't mean we have to be out of the loop on today's hip styles and bangin' new trends! Yeahhhhhhhh son!

If you like popping your collar, Jagerbombs, designer logos, or anything like that, this place is for you!

To join, though, you've got to prove your awesome and mainstream enough to hang with us. So post a picture of yourself flippin' up that collar. Post a picture of you hitting that beer bong. Post that picture of yourself with that awesome fake tan you got the other day.

Otherwise, you're just like all the other furs out there. And, really, do you want to be?